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Researchers dressed in white gowns waited just outside. Amongst them, a few seemed to be instructors. In the center of the crowd was a black haired woman.


Han took a deep breath and aimed his gun forward. He went forward while postured so that he could shoot his gun at a moment's notice. The squad split when the route split. They each took a different direction.


The boy grasped his neck and tumbled while groaning in pain. Their skill levels were of different classes. Class B had been done in by class D. The scattered children across the gymnasium began gathering around them.


Han felt strange. Laocha's height didn't reach 170 cm. Han had met an adult shorter than himself for the first time. He suddenly felt how huge his own body had become.


Simon spoke as if he had declared war. He forced himself and managed to control seven airbeats. This required intense focus and mind. He had to use telekinesis to strongly push the airbeats to maneuver them into complicated directions.


Between the current second year squads, Squad 3 had the most wins under their belt. They had seven consecutive wins. Han held the record for 8 consecutive wins, but 7 consecutive wins was not anything to look down upon.

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Han had heard of this frequently during lectures. Airbeat, this equipment was necessary during aerial warfare. They are drones which people could comfortably use as an aerial platform. Other than a platform, the airbeats made for actual war are equipped with guns and are useful for supporting the team.


Sergeant Red's reputation was the worst. All the students agreed that there would be no student who liked Sergeant Red.


"Jose and Canute, I'm sorry, but you're too weak compared to the second years. Please focus on strengthening yourselves stronger than everyone else within these three weeks. It's difficult for us to beat everyone head on by ourselves. Kuro and I have many weaknesses. To win, we must move together as a squad. We won't win through our individual strengths, but through our squad's strength. We will grab our victory by covering for each other."


Han had finished his rehabilitation the fastest out of everyone. His physical body was the strongest out of everyone here. He had also recorded the fastest reflexes out of everyone.


The instructor asked. Kuro's face was a complete mess. His face had swollen completely and his eyes wouldn't properly open.


Canute reported. It was Canute's first time killing another person as well.


"It seems everyone is still asleep. You will be guided by Silence, your predecessor. Conversing with him may be a bit of a pain, but in the future, if you have any questions about this place, you should go ask him."



Kijo planned to cement himself as one of the core members of squad 13. It would be impossible to climb up to second rank, but he would have a higher hierarchy amongst the squad if he were to have Kuro under him.



Han stood upon the dimensional crack spilling out rainbow colored lights. The poisonous lights were especially concentrated in this area. Gunshot noises sounded intermittently from across the dimensional crack. They were in the middle of combat with enemies. It seems they were trying to buy as much time as they could, as they had originally planned.


"There is one enemy Elu. It's been confirmed that it can manifest a psychic shield. Our objective is to confirm the researcher's data and search for possible survivors. It's highly likely there are some stragglers among the researchers and staff that had not been able to escape the place. We will deploy in 20 minutes."


"Karl's gang hates me. I had rejected his offer to join his gang. Everyone in Karl's gang seemed to have much national pride being from Central Europe, they'd only discriminate against me. Karl hates Asians and blacks. After many clashes, I guess his temper finally blew up."

  • 'These youths have received formal training as a psyker, but it's surprising that they've survived through these conditions.'
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