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Everyone got a weapon that was hanging on the gymnasium wall. There were some who were training against a wooden dummy, while others sparred against one another.


Han already understood the situation. The drill instructors were monitoring them and looking for the right time to come into the room. They had been waiting for the exact time when the children would fight amongst one another to create an event in which they would be able to unite as one.


He had been training himself to react instinctively without having to process every single detail of battle. He felt that his life was in danger, and forgot this was to be a bare-handed spar.


'I also need someone to take care of this place. It will be better for Jose to remain here. Dimitri is the second-in-command here, so it would be bad to take him.'


They prioritize deploying the reserve soldiers to get them accustomed to real battle as soon as possible. Han couldn't get used to the polite way they spoke to him.


The squad members divided into different routes to surround the place the Elu occupied. No matter how agile the Elu may be, it wouldn't be able to escape all three of them. Its bound to meet at least one of the three.

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"If I had been the one to personally send it flying, I would be more at ease," upon Han's words the man roared with laughter.


He had a flexible, unique way of thinking. It was important to gather as much data and information in new and unfamiliar places. If he didn't do so, he wouldn't have been able to survive all this time.


'This equipment isn't as simple as putting it on and taking it off like other gear.'


The Elu discovered in the Chinese research center was categorized as: predator. It had become a case study of an Elu's drastic change after extreme torture from inhumane human scientific researches to its body. Now, there was physical proof that the mental health and thought processes drastically influence psychic powers.


It was highly possible that Kuro had developed the ability to see into the immediate future somehow. There had been people who can look into the far future, or sometimes people can only see a few seconds into the future. It had been a rare unique skill that was considered highly by everyone.


Herald glared toward the source of the sudden noise and aimed his gun forward.


Han looked out the window. The new transfers were enjoying their free time period. They were getting adjusted to their new bodies.



"Simon's psychic skills are brilliant, and his battle skills are excellent. He can easily take on two to three others by himself."



"Psycho frames are the bionic suits that only psykers are able to wear, right? They act as the user's second exoskeleton? This is my first time seeing one."


Jose and Kuro didn't have the fastest memorization skills. It would be impossible to memorize everything perfectly in such a short period of time.


The second time he blinked, Silence had appeared behind the enemy Elu warriors. He beheaded the Elu in a flash. The heads rolled on the ground like watermelons.

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