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'He has not had formal martial arts training before arriving to Ark, but it's amazing that he's an even match against Dmitri. Unbelievable.'


Sergeant Red used his flame skills to warm up the space. He picked up the students who failed and sent them back to Ark. The hospital staff carried out the children one by one.


"He has not been able to tap into the psychokinetic realm at all. If his grades were average in all subjects, he would have long been forced to retire. He has the requirements to be a soldier, but the key point of psychic talent is lacking, thus, his future looks dark."


Han purposely held back from dealing the deciding blow. He purposely acted like he was being pushed back by Schwartzs' counters. In the end, Schwartz sent Han's spear flying. Schwartz' knife stopped just before Han's neck.


No matter how many days passed, no matter how much training he received from Sergeant Red, it was useless. All the surrounding kids succeeded one by one. Kuro, whom Han was closest to, also succeeded.


A few children clamored. Han had been one of the last few children to succeed. There had been many who had already given up trying to manifest their powers.

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Psychoframes could only be piloted for a limited time. It's the end once the psyker's psychic energy level depletes. It's impossible to switch out the pilots as well because there are so many specific gears and adjustments to be made. First generation psykers could pilot a psychoframe for a maximum of one hour. Even with all these flaws, psychoframes were essential to take down dragons. They were the ultimate weapons of mass destruction.


All he had to pack was his writing utensils, notebook, and photo. Everything else would be provided for him in the new dorms.


This entire day was a free period for the first years. The fact that they had an entire day off meant that the sergeants had important decisions to make.


"Would the higher ups accept this? We saw and trained this student first hand, but all they will care about will be the document report on psychic analysis."


Han was not standing at that place. Han had purposely made sounds like he was approaching the door, then silently backed tracked his steps before opening the door. Any Elu would be tricked with this degree of attention to detail.


The sergeants talked highly of Simon. He had received top grades for all the courses, and most of all his results for psychic skills were top notch.


The squad members divided into different routes to surround the place the Elu occupied. No matter how agile the Elu may be, it wouldn't be able to escape all three of them. Its bound to meet at least one of the three.



'The speed of his legs and hands are no joke. It's the first time I've seen someone move so fast. His center of balance is also kept in perfect position. I was thrown by my own strength and caused my own downfall.'



Han couldn't understand Kuro's despair. It seems Kuro's heart was already shut. Han couldn't understand Kuro's pure and gentle heart. Pity against Han's enemies was unnecessary luxury.


The enemy was calculative and provocative. It attacked from the front, but it understood it was fighting a disadvantaged battle, so it always maintained a safe distance.


The teacher played a video clip. The image quality was poor, but it was a clip of the Elus and human soldiers fighting.

  • Han ended his training. He turned on his hologram to check tomorrow's tasks.
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